Likes to eat.


From England.


Social butterfly.

Mary Jane.

Also tall.

From Manitoba.


Nice guy.

Can fix your air conditioner.


From Victoria.


Tans well.

Great with numbers.

Likes Foreigner.

From Boston

"Have Fun with it"

This is our motto that we like to ruminate on when we realise we are taking things too seriously or for granted. It's easy to forget that we are all impermanent and that life is short.

Origin Story

Who knew the nexus of Boston and rural places in Manitoba and England is Vancouver, Canada. Yes. That is absurd, but can a group of musical weirdos like the Lone Palms be wrong about anything? Alex Cooper, Dave Comrie, Dan Cerino and Stacy Mack draw from a mutual love of the carefree, cross-country drawl of artists like Neil Young, America and the Eagles, while loving to take a dip in the ink of such varied and frenetic artists as E.L.O, The Creation, Queens of the Stone Age and Ben Caplan.

Having formed their musical identities through years of session work, drunken jams, broken bands and the quest for the ultimate good times playlist, you can expect their live show to hit you like a fresh breeze of ol’ school rock and grunge-Americana. Don't worry though, this pare an emotionally available group of fellas -- they'd love to hear how your day is going. Be sure sure to check out this rare, fine thing: a musical gumbo of grit, talent and emotion -- tied up in a bow of enthusiasm and love for the world of sound.


                               Tall trees on a musical desert island,